Save at Least 50% on
your electric bill with solar

Clean Energy


Long-term Savings


Why Stellar Power?

Stellar Power’s mission is to find the best way to power your home. We will customize your solar system based on your specific situation instead of putting you into a one-size-fits-all box. From start to finish we will take care of everything for you. You can count on the best service at the best price.


Your solar designed to your liking, guaranteed. We take everything into consideration


Looking for the top panels on the market? We got you covered.


From start to finish, we handle everything and cover your system for 20 years.


We make sure your solar system is great for the environment and makes cents.

Why Go Solar?

Clean and Renewable Energy

30% Investment Tax Credit

Build Equity in Your Home

$0 Upfront

Save Up to 50%

Transferable to New Owner

Stellar Power Installations

Brandi U.
Matt A.
Kim C.
Jim B.

Brandi U.

Matt A.

Kim C.

Jim B.

Modern Solar is Affordable

Installing a solar panel system today is much less costly than when systems were first released. As more companies begin to manufacture solar panels and technology advances, prices continue to drop. We can provide you with a cost estimate and help you explore tax incentives.

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