10 Myths About Going Solar

stellar power's solar panels

Despite the overwhelming growth of residential solar installations, many myths remain about solar power. Here are the top 10 solar power myths — and the facts that refute these myths. Myth: Solar panels do not work well in cold climates. Fact: Most solar panels actually work best in cold, sunny conditions. Conductivity increases in cold temperatures, making… [Read More]

PG&E customers would pay some Wine Country fire costs under bond proposal


//www.sfchronicle.com/business/amp/PG-E-customers-would-pay-some-Wine-Country-fire-13058808.php In this article about the bond proposal idea: Worth noting- PG&E has liability coverage of around $840M and the NorCal fire damages report $15B and PG&E has already announced it would take a hit of $2.5B against earnings. Also, Cal Fire has found evidence that PG&E may have broken state safety laws. State investigators… [Read More]

Tesla moves to close facilities in 9 states


Tesla’s spokesperson further pointed to further comments in its recent shareholder letter to give further context for its future sales opportunities, which said: “We also deployed 76 MW of solar energy generation systems in Q1. Cash and loan system sales made up 66% of residential deployments in the quarter, up from 31% in Q1 2017… [Read More]